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Camp Naglee


            Several weeks ago we looked at the tragedy that was the yellow fever epidemic of 1855 and how Norfolk Academy, or more particularly its facility, played a role in managing the crisis.  Let us now fast forward, if only for a few years.  We should resume the tale in the spring of 1862 as Norfolk, now an important seaport in a new and rebel nation, waits nervously in anticipation of the arrival of “Yankees.”             Prior to the assault […]

No Vacancy


             Norfolk Academy, as the saying goes, lies at the heart of Tidewater.  Due to quirks of history as early as the creation of the Board of Trade by the British Parliament in 1607 and as late as America’s entry into World War I in 1917, our school has always been central to the life and the development of our community.  You might argue that some independent schools have as much national prestige as the Academy, but no educational institution […]



“Chartered” is an odd sort of word to describe the beginning of the school now known as Norfolk Academy.   We use it because the form of our creation was, if not unique, at least very different from that of most independent schools. The story of the origin of Norfolk Academy involves an act of the House of Burgesses, a surveyor from Chipping Camden, an ancient French word, an extended family, and quite possibly roasted oysters and sangria. We begin with […]