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Message in a Bottle


“Differentiation” is the new hot word among educators and school administrators.  That is, we are encouraged to identify that which makes our course, our program, our whole school different from others in the area.  When it comes to Norfolk Academy’s program, differentiating is a comparatively easy task.  We can point to the senior and 9th-grade speech programs or to our insistence on sticking with the “teacher as coach” model.  I also don’t know of any peer independent school that feeds […]

Pit Ball


      If anything defines the Royster Middle School, particularly its 7th grade students, it is Pit Ball. Like great literature, Pit Ball exists on many levels, ranging from the metaphysical to the mundane. It tests a young person’s honesty, his stamina, his aggressiveness, and his ability to suffer public defeat. In other words, it is the perfect game for middle-schoolers.       First, a word about nomenclature. The story goes that Pit Ball was the brainchild of Vik Raman ‘97. Who […]

We All Scream for Ice Cream


          It just doesn’t get any better than the “ice cream social.”        For many autumns now we have pursued the tradition of putting our youngest with our oldest to enjoy everyone’s favorite – ice cream.  Because there are typically many more seniors than first graders, many of the latter get matched with more than one senior.  Those kids count themselves lucky.  At any event, after E Bell seniors go down to the first grade classrooms to pick up their […]